ART-to-GO: Rosecrest 6/13/17 @ 1:30pm

ART-to-GO: Rosecrest 6/13/17 @ 1:30pm
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Art-To-Go STUDIO:  


Tuesday, June 13th 

 1:30 pm to 3pm

Acrylic Canvas Painting Class - "Relax" 

Other Classes Availalable for Senior Studio:

Canvas Painting        Clay Handbuild & Wheel Throwng      Bisque Pottery       Ceramics   Glass Painting     Jewelry     Wood Crafting      Soap Making     Candle Making     Watercolors    Working with Pastels/Charcoal    Sewing & Needlecrafts       Quilling      Scrapbooking       Bound Journal & Bookmaking     Glass Fusing........etc.!!!


Seniors' STUDIO:  Weekday & Evening Classes by Appointment!

Contact:  Ellie 864-430-1040  for further information or to Book a Senior Field Trip/Class or Special Event. 

Your Facility or Ours!

live Creatively........Create Art!


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Class Fee $290.00
Availability Seats Available