BYOB "Mason Jar Florals" Choices! Fri 6/2 @ 7pm

BYOB  "Mason Jar Florals" Choices!  Fri 6/2 @ 7pm
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BYOB Paint Nite!!!

Friday, June 2nd @  7pm


Which one do you Like?

"Mason Jar Florals"

These Designs are Available as "Pre-sketched" already on your Canvas! ($4)

Just tell us which Design you prefer in the Drop Down Box!


 You always get your choice of colors and you will get complete assistance to accomplish these designs!

      Your Teacher will assist you in paint blending and brush stroke techniques as much as you need - spending one2one time with each painter through the entire class.  You will go home with a Painting you can be proud of!  

You can choose to follow sample pictures or come up with your own designs while learning some fun techniques and brush strokes!  And, you will always get easy to follow directions and all the assistance you need!


PLEASE Register ONLINE, you may pay @ the Studio Cash/Check

or Online ONLY with CC, DC/Paypal

BYOB Welcome! 

   ..You get to decide how you want to Relax and live creatively....create  Art!


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Class Fee $30.00
Availability Seats Available