BYOBNite! Glass Painting or Paint GLASS! Sat June 3rd 6:45pm

Follow one of our Desgns or Create Your Own!!!
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"You Get to Pick Your Own GLASS Art Project" 

Real Glass or a Painting of Glass

Saturday June 3rd 6:45pm 

 BYOB Open Studios - your Creative Arts 'Study Hall'  We Open at least 2 or more of our Creative Arts Studios for you to choose from! 

We Have 2 Studios Open TONITE!!!

Canvas Painting of Martini Glasses  


Paint ON real Wine/Martini Glasses (you get 2 glasses)!   

Choose a Canvas to Paint or Paint on Glass !   

All your supplies are ready for you, along with instructions and tips and some sample pictures to choose from and use for reference/ideas.  Of course you can come up with your own designs if you like! Artist Samples: Martini Glasses - W. LoVoy   

We open various studios each month for you to choose from.    Try something new or relax spending time creating your favorite type of Art!   Maybe you'd rather 'handmake with love' that special gift rather than 'buy' it? 



 All Classes Require Online Registration - CCard, DC & Paypal Online only -

PLEASE NOTE: Cash or Check ONLY @ Studio

.Open Studios may be Rescheduled if less than 5 guests have Registered within 24 hours of the class start time.  You will be contacted if you have Registered for a class that is to be Rescheduled.  

         *Clay & Pottery projects will need to be Kiln fired and pickup will be available the next week or two.

BYOB and come to East Main ARTS creatively ...Create Art in your spare time!


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Class Fee $25.00
Availability Seats Available