"Birthday Boy" Parties!

"Birthday Boy"  Parties!
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East Main ARTS offers Awesome "Birthday Boy" Party Options! *Deluxe & THEME Party Includes Indoor Bounce House, Rocket Balloons, Basketball Arcade, Archery Games, etc....we host The Best Ever Birthday Parties !!!

 "REAL" Live Costumed HERO Characters...SpiderMan, Batman,

THEMES:Mine Craft... LEGO.... Ninja Turtles...Star Wars....Wild Animals...Bugs...Pets...Safari Hunt ...Cars/Trucks....Dinosaurs...Super Hero....Sports....Thomas the Tank...there are plenty more choices - just ask!


Deluxe ART Party: - 1.5 Hours $165 up to #8 children ($18 ea add)

Deluxe THEME Party - 1.5 Hours $185 up to #8 Children ($20 each addiional child)

THEME Parties have THEME inspired Party Room Decor, with the ART Project specially designed with THEME!

Deluxe HERO Character Party - 1.5 Hours $220 for up to #8 children ($20 each additional child)

Your child can Choose Spiderman or Batman to Show Up at his Party with Cool surprises and do some fun Super Hero Stuff with the kids! 

ALL Deluxe Parties Include: Art Project, Bounce House, Basketball Arcade, Room Decorations, Balloons, Happy Birthday Banner, Table covers, extra Playroom Area with Bd Games, toys, etc., Tattoos or Stickers, Popcorn Treat Bags & Take Home Favor.

Hero Characters are also available "To-Go" to Your location: $85 per hour, $25 travel fee if more than 10 miles from the Studio.



Children may also get a Happy Birthday Announcement on our Home Page: 

Happy "__" Birthday _______!

_______ is Having A _______Party!!!

on Saturday,  _______ @____!!!

Dear Birthday Friends,

Please plan to arrive between ___ & ___ and lets get Creative!


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Class Fee $185.00
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