Birthdays & Private Parties

  "Best Ever Parties"

Would Your Little Princess like to see Elsa and get SnowFlake Glitter Tattos and Tiaras?   Choose ANY Disney style PRINCESS!

     Got a Super Hero in training?  Want Real Live Spiderman or BATMAN to Show Up?

We can even build your Child's Perfect Party around their favorite things as a DELUXE THEME PARTY!   

Craft Project: 1 Hr  $125/#8 artists ($15 ea additional)  Paint Presketched Canvas or Craft! (seed Craft Parties Button for other Art ideas!

Clay Project: 1.5 Hr  $135/#8 artists ($18 ea add)

We Also have DELUXE PARTIES: Includes Art/Activities & our Awesome PLAY ROOM with Indoor Bounce House,Decorated Party Room - Banner, Balloons, table covers, Cake & Gift tables,Take Home Favors, Games, Toys & more!!!  We take care of Everything except your food & bev stuff :)

Deluxe CLAY: 2 Hr $175/#8 artists ($18 ea add) 

Deluxe Art: 1.5 Hr  $165/#8 artists ($18) Art Parties - Paint Presketched Canvas or

Deluxe THEME: 1.5 Hr  $185/#8 artists ($20) .  

*Deluxe "CHARACTER PRINCESS" or "HERO" Party: 1.5 Hours $220 /#8 children ($20 each add) DELUXE "CHARACTER" Party Includes ALL listed in Deluxe THEME Party PLUS a HERO or PRINCESS (your Child choice) AND Extra Surprises & Activities Character Brings! Story Time, Glitter Nail Polish Session, Glitter Tattoos, Game/Projects,Tiaras, Necklaces,etc.







 You can also Book a "To Go" Character!  All Characters Bring Extra games & treats to the Party! 

ELSA: Glitter Ice Sprinkles,Tiara favors, your Birthday Princess gets a Snowflake Necklace!  Jewel Tattoos, Glitter Nail Polish Session, & Games & StoryBook. 

Tangled Rapunzel: Secret Garden play, Extra "flower"Art Project, "flower Nail Polish Session" & Tattoos!

Cinderella:  Birthday Girl gets a Glass Slipper Necklace!  Princess Story Book Reading, Plays Princess Games!  Tiaras & Wands from the Fairy Godmother to each little Princess! Glitter Nail Polish Session, Stickers/Tattoos.


More Princesses Available:   Contact Us for Details on Heroes & Princesses!


Spiderman, Batman