Book an "ART-TO-GO Party" ... Here Art Comes to You!!!

Book an "ART-TO-GO Party" ... Here Art Comes to You!!!
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  YES - we also do "ART TO GO" Parties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have YOUR OWN BYOB Nite @ Your Place!

Art Project Parties!  We Bring all the ART Stuff and Set Up your Room, Patio, Deck, etc., we Teach the Class, we Clean Up all our Stuff and You get to Stay Put in Your Comfortable Place!!!

A Canvas Paint Social Event!

Choose Your Art Project....Glass, Clay, Jewelry, Crafts, Pottery, etc.     Choose a Painting from our Gallery! 

Art Project Prices vary...Your Minimum Art Requirment is $150

That could be 5 Canvas Painters or 10 Birthday Children or 8 Glass Fusers....!  You decide!

You've Got Choices!!!  You Get to Decide How You will Live Creatively!!!

Travel/Set Up Fee: $25 within 10 miles of the Studio (please call for an Estimate if you are farther)

Heavy Equipment/Supplies will increase Travel/Set Up Fees:

6' Table&6 stools - $10; Pottery Wheel - $35; (call for an estimate) creatively   Create "To Go" Arts!

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