CLAY Parties!

CLAY Parties!
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East Main ARTS offers 2 Clay Party Options: 

Clay ART Party - 1.5 Hour $135 up to #8 children ($15 each additional)

Clay ART Deluxe Party - 2 Hour $ 175 up to #8 children  ($18 each additional)

All Parties include: ART Project; 1# of Earth Clay and All supplies and Glaze materials to complete project and your very own helpful Teacher!  We have cool tools, texture & letter stencils and shape cutters, so Every child can create Great Art!

Clay ART Deluxe Birthday Party also includes: Room Decoration, Balloons, Happy Birthday Banner, Cake Table, Gift Table, Table covers,  Popcorn Puff Treat Bags & Take Home Favor.  Clay Projects can take longer than some other types of Art, so there may or may not be time for the Playroom Games, Bouncy House or Arcade Games.


Deluxe Birthday "Announcement" is also available to Post on our Home Page: 

Happy "__" Birthday _______!

_______ is Having A CLAY Party!!!

Saturday,  _______

___am  or ___pm!!!

Birthday Friends,

Please plan to arrive between ___ & ___ when the Muddy Party will commence!

(just kidding, not really muddy! awe, too bad)


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Class Fee $135.00
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