Creature Comforts: Paint Your Pet Party! Sat May 20th 5pm

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  "Paint Your Pet"  

Creature Comforts Paint Party!

Saturday, May 20thth  

5pm - 8pm



Paint Your Pet's Image!   You will be guided in Painting a picture of your Pet in Acrylics from one of your favorite Photos!  Choose an 'Up Close' Face or Head view.

PHOTO DEADLINE.......May 8th !!!

 Pet Photos & Pre-Payment need to be submitted to East Main ARTS no later than Monday May 8th  to allow time to presketch Your Pet's image on your canvas. You will be Contacted after Registration to Submit your Photos to   And, Remember, If ever you can't make your Class, no worries!  We always allow for Reschedules!

You have a choice of 2 sizes of Canvas:  16" x 12" $40  &  16" x 20" $50

"Pretend" Pet images...You tell us!  $35  16" x 12"  if you need some ideas for a "P" Pet, just Contact Us....You or We can find some cute animal pictures for you to Paint.

NOTE: Web check out will allow Multiple orders but only allow One Size Canvas for those orders....If you  have Multiple orders but Different Sizes, create a 2nd order with all the 2nd Sizes of Canvas



We Love Pets! 


Our Pet ARTS include: 


Pop Art Your Pet!  Using a photo of your Pet you will directed to colorfully animate your Pet with a variety of mediums.

Boo!  Your Pet in Costume:  Using a photo of your Pet, you will be instructed on how to render your Pet's image with an added Costume.

Our Evening Classes are BYOB!  So come, Live Creatively, Make Your Cherished Pet the object of Your ART tonite!


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Class Fee $40.00
Availability Seats Available