What You Want & How to Get It!


YOUR Party YOUR Way: min $150


 What DAY and TIME would You like for Your Party? Which PAINTING would You like?  Want to Bring Food?  How many Food & Beverage & Desert Tables do You need?  

Which $Party Package$ do You Want?

Want us to Free Decorate for You?

BYOB Adult Paint Nites


#5 Painters Opens the Class!

Music - Door Prizes - Trivia

Fri & Sat @ 7pm

BYOBeverages & snacks Welcome!

BYOB Nites need #5 Painter Minimum!  You will be Contacted & Refunded by 1pm on Class Day if your Class Closes:(

CASH/Checks Only at Studio

"ART -to- GO" mobile parties!

 BRING the ART Party to Your Location !

min. $150 art fee  +$25* Travel fee

Art fees:

 $20p 1hr: $25p 1.5hr: $30p 2hr:

 $35p 2.5/3hr

BEST EVER Children's Parties

ART Parties...Super Hero & PRINCESS Characters... DELUXE Birthdays with INDOOR BOUNCE HOUSE...Secret Garden...Storybooks...Toys etc...

EMA is #1 for Spartanburg Birthday Parties :)

get Your Answers here!

RESERVE Online = YES Please! Classes CLOSE if less than #5 register...You will be Notified of Class Closing by 1pm of Class Day!

Full Refund =  any BYOB Nite Class

1/2 Refund = Private Party Deposit

Deposit Req = Private & Bday Parties

Minimum to Open Class = #5/$150 

Maximum Bodies in Studio = #100

Beverages Allowed? =YES Always!

Is Food Allowed? =  NO :( ...Except @$35p Private Party Booking

Snacks? (single portion) = BYOB Nites Only!

Payments = Online Cards Only

at STUDIO Cash/Checks Only

AGE for BYOB  Nites = 18+Adult Only

Weather CLOSINGS = follow Sp Schools

Class Closings? = email & Text that #5 painters minimum to Open  BYOB Class not met :(